What You Can Do

We understand this situation is stressful. We are here to help you through this period of disruption brought forth by Blue Cross’s decision to drop your trusted providers.

Here are some things you can do:

  • Never delay care. Regardless of our network status with Blue Cross, you will always have access to our emergency rooms at UMMC. You can and should visit the nearest emergency room if you experience a medical emergency.

  • Understand that you may have other options. Your employer may be able to offer a secondary coverage plan with insurers who already partner with UMMC — and nearly every commercial plan in the state does fairly partner with us, except Blue Cross. Contact the human resources department where you work and find out what other options you can explore. Let them know the importance of keeping your in-network access to UMMC and our doctors. Ask them to explore other options to protect your in-network access to UMMC. We are currently in network with the below plans for the full 2022 and 2023 benefit year. You can see those plans here.

  • Urge Blue Cross to have meaningful discussions. Use your voice by calling the number on the back of your Blue Cross insurance card. Tell them how in-network care at UMMC having is essential for your family. Urge them to work in good faith to re-establish a relationship with UMMC that does not continue to jeopardize the high-quality and dependable care you deserve by keeping your providers out of network.