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Updates for patients with Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Commercial Health Insurance Plans

Negotiation Update
Since Blue Cross forced UMMC out of their commercial health plan provider network on April 1, 2022, we have been working diligently to negotiate with Blue Cross to reach a new agreement. While we’re disappointed that Blue Cross has made no movement in good faith to bring us back in network, it does not mean we’re giving up.

To further show our commitment to reaching an agreement with Blue Cross, both sides will continue negotiations and we remain committed to working with Blue Cross to finding a resolution that prioritizes our patients.

Coverage Update for Continuing Care Patients
Unless an agreement is reached by July 1, 2022, patients who are receiving in-network continuing care coverage according to federal guidance may face higher out-of-pocket costs when seeking care through UMMC facilities and providers. The continuing care provision ends on June 30, 2022.

When the continuing care period ends, all care provided by UMMC to Blue Cross commercial health plan members after June 30, 2022, except for emergency services, will no longer be processed as in-network care. Beginning July 1, 2022, UMMC will not accept any assignment of benefits, written direction of payment or any means of payment from Blue Cross that are not directly solicited by UMMC, except for any care you may need for emergency services. Patients who have Blue Cross commercial insurance will be responsible for the full bill for items or services provided by UMMC, less applicable UMMC discounts.

Please remember, for emergencies, you can access UMMC at any time to receive the care you urgently need and deserve.

UMMC will require a signed patient-responsibility acknowledgment form before any services are provided. After scheduling your appointment, we will send you the form through MyChart, our electronic health records system to your confirmed e-mail. This form acknowledges your understanding that UMMC will not accept payment from Blue Cross for any elective services and that we will not accept assignment of benefits or written direction of payment from Blue Cross.

Please note that patients with Blue Cross insurance through the Mississippi State and School Employees’ Health Insurance Plan are not impacted by this change.

Our ongoing out-of-network status has far-reaching implications beyond Jackson, affecting our patients’ care statewide. UMMC-connected care is provided at approximately 200 hospitals, clinics and telehealth sites across the state, as outlined in the map below.

UMMC - Patient Care Across the State

March 2022

UMMC Adult Clinics

  • Vaiden Family Medicine
    201A Magnolia Street, Vaiden
  • Winona Family Medicine
    418B N. Applegate, Winona
  • Flowood Family Medicine
    2466 Flowood Drive, Flowood
  • Physical Medicine – Methodist Rehab
    1350 E. Woodrow Wilson Avenue, Jackson
  • Dermatology Clinic (Rolling Fork)
    303 Parkway, Rolling Fork
  • Cardiology (Tupelo)
    499 Midtown Pointe, Tupelo
  • Select Specialty Hospital – Master Lease
    5903 Ridgewood Road, Jackson
  • Rural Health Clinic (Lexington)
    110 Thcula Street, Lexington
  • Center for Integrative Health (Holmes CC)
    331 Sunnybrook Road, Ridgeland
  • Face and Skin Center
    201 Northlake Avenue, Suite 211, Ridgeland
  • Ophthalmology Clinic (Natchez)
    10 Vision Lane, Natchez
  • Ophthalmology Clinic (Vicksburg)
    1206 Mission 66, Vicksburg
  • Grenada Women’s Health
    1900 Grandview Avenue, Grenada
  • Face and Skin Center (MOHS Surgery)
    201 Northlake Avenue, Suite 109, Ridgeland
  • Transplant (Biloxi)
    1720A Medical Park, Suite 130B, Biloxi
  • Urology Clinic (Batesville)
    107 Eureka Street, Batesville
  • Mirror Lake
    2925 Layfair Drive, Flowood
  • Cardiology (Forest)
    330 N. Broad Street, Forest
  • Cardiology (Crystal Springs)
    123 Bobo Drive, Crystal Springs
  • Merit Madison
    163 River Oaks Drive, Canton
  • Bariatrics – Riverchase
    2550 Flowood Drive, Suites 401, 403, Flowood
  • Winston County Dermatology Clinic
    17280 East Main Street, Louisville
  • Neurology / Psychiatry – Riverchase
    2550 Flowood Drive, Suite 200, Flowood
  • Grants Ferry
    1010 Lakeland Place, Flowood
  • Jackson Medical Mall (Master Lease)
    350 W. Woodrow Wilson, Jackson
  • UMMC Grenada
    960 J K Avent Drive, Grenada
  • Grenada Medical Complex
    1300 Sunset Drive, Suites F,G,H,J,R,U,W, Grenada
  • Lakeland Building
    746 Lakeland Dr., Jackson
  • Hypertension Clinic
    878 Lakeland Drive, Jackson
  • UMMC (Main campus)
    2500 N. State St., Jackson

UMMC Children's Clinics

  • Children’s of Mississippi Hospital
    2500 N. State St., Jackson
  • Center for Advancement of Youth
    4400 Old Canton Road #300, Jackson
  • Grants Ferry
    1010 Lakeland Place, Flowood
  • Tupelo Specialty Clinic
    1150 South Green Street, Tupelo
  • Meridian Specialty Clinic
    1516 23rd Avenue, Meridian
  • Grenada Specialty Clinic
    1300 Sunset Drive, Grenada
  • McComb Specialty Clinic
    309 Llewellyn Avenue, McComb
  • Hattiesburg Specialty Clinic
    421 South 28th Avenue #120, Hattiesburg
  • Gulf Coast Specialty Clinic
    1721 Medical Park Drive #101, Biloxi
  • Acadian Court
    12259 Hwy 49, Gulfport
  • Bridgewater
    8950 Lorraine Rd, Gulfport
  • Bay St. Louis
    Hwy 90, Suite 17, Bay St. Louis
  • Cedar Lake
    920 Tommy Munro Drive, Biloxi


  • University Hospital
    2500 N. State St., Jackson
  • Wiser Hospital for Women and Infants
    2500 N. State St., Jackson
  • Conerly Critical Care Hospital
    2500 N. State St., Jackson
  • Children’s of Mississippi Hospital
    2500 N. State St., Jackson
  • UMMC Grenada
    960 Avent Dr., Grenada
  • UMMC Holmes County
    239 Bowling Green Rd., Lexington
  • Merit Health Madison
    163 River Oaks Dr., Canton

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